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April Member Spotlight

by | Apr 13, 2022 | All, Tenant Spotlight

Like the bird in their name, Phoenix Physical Therapy & Wellness Center seeks to help its patients rise from the ashes of injury, pain, and loss of independence, to enjoy restored physical and mental well-being.

 Angel Ballentine, owner of Phoenix Physical Therapy & Wellness Center,  has committed herself and her practice to helping people regain their independence and functional mobility. While Phoenix serves the entire community, Angel has special expertise in rehabilitating injured members of the dance and performing arts community, active seniors who refuse to “get old”, and all others who are motivated to overcome injuries and illness through hard work and perseverance. 

Angel has known from a young age that she wanted to be a physical therapist and knew she wanted to stay in the Raleigh area. After taking a leap of faith, she found a home for her practice in a community she is devoted to serving. She shares that service spirit with her daughter, Ava, who you will often find in the clinic helping out in any way she can. 

A nine-to-five job never impressed Angel. She rarely followed the crowd and knew she wanted to do things differently. After shadowing a physical therapist at a young age and attending Winston Salem State University, she set out to make her dream a reality. After doing contract work in physical therapy for many years, she was able to open her own business and, most importantly, make her own rules. Angel grew up in Raleigh and saw the need for medical care facilities in the community, especially in southeast Raleigh. She believes that you should be able to get quality medical care no matter where you live and not have to leave your community to find it. This belief has guided her to stay in the area and ensure that everyone has access to physical therapy and that the money they spend stays in their community. 

Angel is not only focused on keeping her business local but on helping her patients heal the physical problems they come to her for. Phoenix Physical Therapy & Wellness Center works to truly fix the problem and not band-aid it. Physical therapists sometimes see their patients 2-3 times a week, so they get to know them and become a part of their family. By gaining their trust and building that connection with their patients, they can help them heal both physically and mentally. Many patients come in with the attitude that they can no longer walk or will never be able to fix their physical ailment. Angel and her team build a plan for their patients that involves them regaining their functional mobility and the mindset that they can indeed do it. Angel says she loves seeing her clients’ progress and enjoys being a part of their journey towards healing. 

In September 2021, Angel knew she needed her own office space and was happy to find a location in Garner that met her expectations and meet her industry’s needs. While traditional commercial spaces were too expensive, Office Ours offered her a more affordable option. With utilities, wifi, and facility maintenance being included in her lease, she was able to focus on starting her business with less overhead, and ultimately, less worry. Angel looks forward to holding events and classes in the future, and the conference room at the Garner location provides the perfect space for this. Angel started by leasing one office but Office Ours was able to help her easily expand Phoenix Physical Therapy & Wellness Center by leasing a second office to add floor active physical therapy clients and a third office where relaxation-based and therapeutic massage are offered in a private and relaxing environment. 

Angel is excited to continue growing her business and helping people in the community. She has brought on two full-time employees, Leah a physical therapist assistant, and Krisan a massage therapist, and hopes to open satellite clinics throughout the state one day. Angel is hoping to expand more on the wellness side of her business and to include massage therapy as well as a variety of wellness programs and services at all future locations. She is excited to have her dream of multiple locations become a reality and keep growing her community-focused business.

Learn More About Phoenix Physical Therapy & Wellness Center:

Address: 500 Benson Road, Suite 114, Garner, NC 27529

Phone Number: 919-323-8888

Email: admin@phoenixraleigh.com

Websites: https://www.phoenixraleigh.com/


Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/phoenixraleigh



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