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A “Home” for Your Home Healthcare Agency

by | Nov 14, 2023 | All

Home healthcare companies provide a meaningful service to the community and their patients. Through their work, they can provide comfort, care, and longevity to those who need it. With the aging population in the United States and the home healthcare industry expected to grow 7% annually until 2026, the need for home healthcare companies is expanding, providing an opportunity to those who want to break into the market or expand their practice. 

To stay in compliance with the standards of the local and federal governments, there are specific rules and regulations that home healthcare companies need to operate. Here is a link to the North Carolina NC DHHS agency for licensure requirements. There are office requirements to get an Acute and Homecare Licensure and Certification license. Each home healthcare business requires a professional physical office space to conduct business according to 10A NCAC 13J .0903 A. In addition, a sign is needed on the exterior of the building, along with a sign on their office door (10A NCAC 13J .0903 A (c)). We offer some helpful features at Office Ours that would give a company the upper hand in the home healthcare industry.

All Office Ours locations have an exterior building sign near or on the building, where businesses can list their names. There is also an interior sign next to each office door with the business name.

Our phone systems are a professional solution to field incoming calls, communicate with your team, and work with clients. Each office suite includes the first Small Business Service phone line with a phone number. For home healthcare companies expanding or moving, we provide the option to take the phone number with you and continue to use our phone service wherever you end up.

To accommodate HIPAA laws, we have taken the initiative to provide extra security for home healthcare companies by giving them secure access to our copy center and shredders. Our printers and copy centers require member badges to release a printing job, making your client’s information safer and more secure. Our shredders are also HIPAA-friendly for client privacy.

Conference rooms are available at all Office Ours locations and are a favorite feature of our members, especially our home healthcare members. Every location we service includes small to medium-sized conference rooms for staff meetings, which can be easily booked through our member portal. We also have a large conference room with furniture that moves to meet the needs of your event. This large space at our Midtown location is excellent for trainings and staff meetings. The two whiteboards and large-screen TV make it an effective tool for teaching classes.

Since Office Ours was founded, we’ve been listening to the feedback from our customers on which amenities and services they need to be more successful. This feedback has helped us tailor our business products to meet the needs of home healthcare businesses and many other industries. With private offices, conference rooms, and printing services at your fingertips, Office Ours is the perfect place for home healthcare professionals to call home.

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