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PO Box or Virtual Office?

by | Nov 11, 2022 | All, Our Mission

The holidays are upon us, and just like every year, you can expect that the parking lots for post offices and retail mailboxes will be busy. They are tough to miss because of the loud horns and long lines of cars waiting to get into the shopping center’s parking lot. Cars drive up and down the parking lot looking for a free spot. It is a tough place to find a parking spot from November to the New Year. When you finally find a spot and join the crowd inside the building, after you leave, you wish to never return until after the holidays. That isn’t an option if your business mailbox is located at the post office or retail mailbox store. For the rest of the season, you must fight for a parking spot and brave the crowds to get inside to check your business mail. Fortunately, you have another option for a professional business address; a virtual office at your locally owned coworking business center. A virtual office gives you more than just a mailbox, it is the cure for your headache around the holiday season. 

Office Ours locations don’t share parking lots with big box stores, grocery stores, or malls, so they have plenty of parking close to the building. You will always be able to get in and out quickly. A perk of a virtual office is the easy parking and access to other amenities in the building. Do you need to check your email or a place to eat lunch before heading to a meeting? Need to drop off outgoing mail? Office Ours mailboxes have outgoing mail slots. We will deliver it to the post office for you…let us deal with the post office traffic instead of you. 

Office Ours locations are kept clean and tidy, and hand sanitizer is available inside the front door of every location. It is reassuring to know that when you pull into an Office Ours location, you will have a place to park, a clean building to walk into, and office amenities at your fingertips. Not only do virtual offices have easy parking, but they also give you a membership to access printing and conference rooms at any Office Ours location. Our virtual office members also receive a monthly credit to cover some of your conference room time and printing costs. When was the last time you saw a printer at the post office that didn’t look like it stopped functioning in the 1990s? 

A virtual office at Office Ours goes beyond what a PO Box can do for you and your business. On top of all the other benefits, during the holidays, it saves you from anxiety, headaches, frustration, and, most valuable of all, time. Who wants to deal with a busy parking lot, long lines, crowds, and facilities that are dirty or out of order? At Office Ours, we don’t want you to deal with any of these holiday headaches either. Instead, enjoy those few moments of checking your mailbox by waving hello to our friendly staff and your fellow members while inside our warm and calm buildings. Expect more from your mailbox.

So, where would you rather pick up your business’s mail?

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