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The Coffee Shop Conundrum

by | Nov 6, 2020 | All, Entrepreneurship

Please tell me the coffee shop isn’t your conference room

One day I run into a coffee shop for a much-needed pick-me-up. As I was walking in, a car wrap caught my eye. It was a company that deals with estate sales of elderly parents transitioning from the house they have lived in for the last 20, 30 or 40+ years into an assisted living or similar type housing.

My first thought was about how I went through something similar with my parents a few years back. But then, as is my habit, I thought, “they don’t have a business address posted on the wrap, I wonder if Office Ours can help?” I was also curious: “does he travel around the Triangle meeting with clients frequently at coffee shops?” The parties of this highly emotional subject could benefit from some privacy in a private office or a conference room. I decided that if I met the owner in line, I would give him my business card.

When I opened the door and walked in, not 5 feet from the door, a sales guy was opening a large tri-fold brochure of estate sales services to an emotional looking woman that I can only assume was a daughter of parents going through the transition. Really?! This woman is discussing this private and emotional phase of her life in front of each person walking in and out of that coffee shop? Preventing this exact type of scenario is what made me passionate about opening Office Ours.

A business shouldn’t feel like they can’t afford private meeting space, especially when they need it. Office Ours takes it one step further by providing multiple locations around Wake County. Certain industries require a place to meet; a place where they can discuss private topics with clients, conduct interviews, or have team meetings. Sometimes privacy is needed due to emotions. Other times it is needed because of confidential information or trade secrets that will be exchanged. Or you just need a place with no distractions like constantly being interrupted by the person across from you sipping coffee and listening to really loud death metal music leaking from the head phones or the person on your right that distracting you while they are on a sales phone call or the person on your left that can’t stop staring at what is on you laptop more than what is on their laptop.

At most locally owned business centers, an hour of conference room time doesn’t cost much more than the cup of coffee you purchased for yourself and the person you are meeting with. Is the few dollars savings worth the risks associated with having meetings out in the open in a public space?

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