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Setting up and supporting an IT infrastructure for you business takes a lot of time… Time that you aren’t spending on your business. You may know how to configure the consumer grade equipment at your home but commercial grade equipment requires much more knowledge and experience. You shouldn’t have to choose between paying large sums of money to an IT firm to set it up right or having to deal with lock ups on IT infrastructure you setup by manually resetting the power daily.

Or, you can let Office Ours help.  Secure access to professional grade infrastructure and support is just one of the many perks you get with an Office Ours mailbox, workstation, conference room rental or office suite. Included with all of our office products, you’ll get 24/7 IT infrastructure support. Your Wi-Fi will be setup and ready to go for you. You’ll have guest Wi-Fi access for your clients and access to the IT infrastructure of any Office Ours location at need.  Now there really is no need to buy a cup of overpriced coffee to get Internet access.

IT Infrastructure will be our problem, not your problem.

Infrastructure Services

Member Wi-Fi

Every member gets access to our private office network with high-speed internet.

Ethernet Ports

Every office and closet has at least one Ethernet port so you can plug in your PC, server, VoIP phone or any other specialized equipment into the network.

Private Networks

If you have specialized equipment or a server that you want segregated from the member network so only you and your employees can access, we can put them on their own private v-lan network for a one-time setup fee of $25.

Remote VPN

If you want to have external access to equipment on your private network we can provide access via VPN. 

On-boarding Support

When you first move in we will be happy to walk you through the setup of connecting your computer to the wiki, installing printer drivers for access to our shared printers, and any other IT infrastructure needs.

Port forwarding

We can also setup port forwarding to your business equipment.

Private Wi-Fi SSID

We can setup an SSID so only members of your company can access your private v-lan network.

Fiber Internet Connections

Coming Soon! Most locations will offer redundant cable and fiber internet connections

Quality of Service

If you have a VoIP phone service we will work with you to setup QoS to ensure clear phone communications

IT infrastructure upgrades

Dedicated Bandwidth*

In some cases we can provide your company with dedicated bandwidth to your equipment for an increased monthly fee that varies based on availability.

Rack & Closet Space*

Rack space available for rent at some locations. Closets are also available for rent, perfect for installing racks and servers.

Public Static IP addresses*

If you would prefer to manage security and access to your equipment yourself we can provide a private IP address for an extra $20/mo.

Additional Services Available

Available at the Following Locations