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Member Spotlight: Charles Calloway

by | May 29, 2024 | All, Tenant Spotlight

Serving clients and building an agency. These are the two things that Charles Calloway thinks about every day when he gets to work. Charles never considered being a financial advisor when he decided to join The United States Air Force as a young adult. While in the Air Force, he was an instructor and taught leadership and management classes in Tucson, Arizona. Asset management and finance were not at the top of his mind at this point in his life. How he got into his current career in financial advising happened by accident.

After joining the Air Force, Charles started teaching leadership classes. The instructor he replaced was leaving the Air Force to become a financial advisor, and he stopped by one day to teach Charles about his new role and how things like mutual funds and IRAs worked.  This was a turning point for Charles. He realized that this was something he was interested in and, more importantly, something he could turn into a career. Charles started doing financial advising on the side while in the Air Force but eventually gave up his license due to the Air Force job becoming more demanding.

 Eventually, Charles left the Air Force and started working on his financial advising career in Tucson, Arizona. After dipping his toe in the corporate world and moving to North Carolina, Charles found his way back to financial advising with Primerica. Nowadays, Charles focuses on helping families make wiser choices with their money, get out of debt, and find financial independence. Charles is also passionate about educating the next generation of financial professionals who will continue to serve clients long after he retires. 

Charles has spent the last four years leasing an office at Office Ours in Garner, North Carolina. Charles was drawn to Office Ours because of the location and office space, but also everything else that came with it. A phone system, conference room access, and Wi-Fi were included, which made it a no-brainer when he decided to sign the lease. He also knew he could scale his business at Office Ours. He could add on an office or downsize if needed. Access to other Office Ours locations and conference rooms allows him to meet with clients anywhere in the Triangle, not just at his office in Garner. 

Each day, as Charles swipes his card and enters his office at Office Ours, he is driven by two unwavering goals. These are the same goals that have guided him for the past thirty years in the financial industry: serving clients and building a long-lasting agency.


Learn more about Charles Calloway:

500 Benson Road, Suite 110

Garner, NC 27529






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