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Member Spotlight: Stay Stunning Permanent Makeup

by | Dec 28, 2023 | All, Tenant Spotlight

After graduating from art school, Sara McGee became a tattoo artist in the Raleigh area. Eager to work for herself and wanting to switch gears after the COVID-19 pandemic, she started her own cosmetic tattoo business, Stay Stunning Permanent Makeup. Sara has successfully grown her business over the last few years, from finding the right location to educating others on what permanent makeup is.

One of the biggest questions Sara gets is, “What is permanent makeup?” Permanent makeup is a semi-permanent or cosmetic tattoo. This type of tattoo can include eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, or blush. Pretty much any makeup you put on your face could also be tattooed. Microblading, or semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos, is the number one procedure she does almost daily. The ink for permanent makeup does not go as deep as a tattoo, so it is designed to fade slowly. Sara provides a free consultation with her clients to learn more about them and what type of permanent makeup they would like. She does very personalized work because no two faces or eyebrows are alike. Sara’s work helps her clients feel more confident and better about themselves. 

Sara has leased an office with Office Ours in Garner since September 2022. Finding the right office for her business was important because there are many requirements when opening a permanent makeup studio, such as tile floors and water access inside the office space. Providing a calm, quiet space is also a must for her clients. Office Ours provides not just an office suite but clean facilities and a lobby area for her clients. Sara also loves that she gets an external sign for her business that helps with her marketing and helps her clients find her location.

Sara has started teaching other tattoo artists, will soon offer scar camouflage restoration, and would love to own her own studio in a larger space one day. Until then, you can find her inside the Garner Office Ours location, helping her clients become the best version of themselves.


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