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Our phone service is designed specifically to cater to small businesses that need a reliable, affordable, and turnkey alternative to expensive competitors. With us, you will receive a phone service that can grow with your business, so you can take it with you if your company grows. If you aren’t quite ready for an office product yet, we also offer our service to any small business that requires it. From a Virtual Receptionist that can be customized to provide essential information to callers to reprogramming that lets you keep your business phone number, our phone system helps run your business more efficiently.

No more hidden fees, no more hassle setting systems up, just a flexible and affordable phone system that is fully customizable and comes with a variety of features and add-on’s as needed.

Here’s how it works:

Small Business Plan (Member)

For members only. One line and one phone number for free with calls to the US and Canada. Each additional line is $15 + tax, and additional phone numbers are $3.75 + tax. High-usage plans are available. Call us for a quote.

Small Business Plan (non-member)

$20 per month per line + tax and $5 per month per phone number + tax. All the features of the member plan included, with calling to US and Canada. If you aren’t quite ready for us or if you have outgrown us, we can still set you up with our phone service and you can take it with you!

Keep Your System

If you decide to relocate your business or graduate from Office Ours, you can keep your phone plan with us. No headaches of having to migrate phone systems.

No Hidden Fees

Some companies tack-on fees that can increase your bill up to 40%! We offer transparent pricing with no extra fees involved. What you see is what you will pay.

Keep Your Current Equipment

Most standard SIP VoIP phones can be used with our system and reprogrammed. We also offer and sell Yealink IP desktop phones with our service.

Soft Phone Service

For those that don’t need a desktop IP phone, we also provide a soft phone included with the service that works on Android or iPhone. Perfect for members with a virtual office or office suite that often work remotely.


Easily Add-on

Our member portal provides you with the capability to add features and products onto your phone service easily.


Phone Number Portability

If you already have a phone number you are using, easily port in the phone number and port it out as needed.

Additional Services Available

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