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December Member Spotlight

by | Dec 30, 2021 | All, Tenant Spotlight

Many small business owners don’t realize the value of having procedures and processes when starting their business. As a small business owner, you might also feel like you don’t have the time or money to hire someone to help you set up these procedures. This is something Brittany Jackson has seen across the workforce and one of the reasons she started her company, Building Stronger Teams. Brittany helps small businesses implement best practices and procedures in their companies, so their employees are happy and able to do their best work. By providing human resource services to companies across the Triangle, Brittany can train and coach employees and help these businesses maintain a successful team. 

After working ten years in staffing and management, Brittany decided to work for herself and build her own human resources business. Building Stronger Teams was born in April 2021 with a desire to make a more significant impact and help small businesses create the best teams possible. Brittany provides recruitment services and best practices and procedures to help business owners maintain and nurture their employees. As Brittany said, “You can’t have a successful business without happy employees.” To provide this service to businesses, Brittany works with companies to support and train their employees, so everyone is operating as best as possible. Brittany finds that when businesses have clear procedures in place accompanied by a supportive leadership team, their employees are often more effective and fulfilled in their roles, as she stated, “When you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.”

When it came time to find a virtual office for her business, Brittany chose Office Ours for multiple reasons including good customer service and knowing she had the ability to scale up to a private office when she was ready. Brittany started with a virtual office for her life coach business at our Professional Court location in February 2020. From the beginning, she knew she would want to upgrade to a private office and was happy to see that Office Ours made this transition an easy process. Almost one year after getting a virtual office, Brittany transitioned to a private office space at our Midtown location where she currently works and now operates Building Stronger Teams. Having printing services on-site and access to conference rooms for her future workshops and trainings gives Brittany peace of mind when it comes to her business. Just like Building Stronger Teams, Office Ours has been committed from the beginning to helping small businesses thrive by giving them the ability to get professional office space. In the past, only large businesses had the ability to acquire office space or an HR department. Building Stronger Teams and Office Ours are enabling small businesses to have quality office space and HR departments now too!

Brittany is excited for the future of Building Stronger Teams and looks forward to adding more employees to her company soon. In the meantime, she will continue to support her clients and help their employees be more successful and happy in their workplace. As her company grows, she hopes to be considered a preferred human resource partner in the Triangle and help employers build strong teams. 

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