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July 18, 2018 marks yours and our one year anniversary. Happy one year birthday Office Ours.

10 years ago, I had an idea. A good idea. But before I could get started, I needed to find a place to work. One thing I discovered very quickly was home didn’t work. Between the family and the dog, I could never get anything done. And there was a lot to get done.

Coffee shops were not the answer. I hated giving out business cards without an address. Perspective clients were not impressed. And the people I wanted to work with didn’t believe I had a real business. I did spend a lot of time sitting around small tables in uncomfortable chairs, drinking fancy, overpriced coffee though.

What else could I do? The time and expense to setup an office didn’t really seem feasible. The infrastructure and IT setup seemed overwhelming. Where would I find the time? Could I really afford not to? Was there another way?

Well, yes, there was. I was one of the lucky ones. I worked in the technology industry. My big idea got funded and we landed in a technology incubator. I had the good fortune of working in a shared office environment that let me focus on my idea. Which became a thriving business. I had a mailing address, a shared conference room, a scalable professional office space that I increased as I grew. Or shrank when I hit a rough patch. I had everything I needed right at my fingertips.

Just as importantly, I had complementary businesses all around me I could consult with. It was miraculous. All of these things were in place for me. I spent the next 7 years transforming industry after industry through a software technology with infinite possibilities. Until I had enough. So, I sold my company and here I am.

Well, thanks to that experience, I had another idea. I wondered why it should be that tech companies like mine got so much while other companies did not. I also wondered why big companies seem to have it easier and get all the special perks. I thought, all kinds of business should have the opportunity to get such a great start.

Let’s bring a collaborative work environment to companies like yours. Check out our locations, products and services and make ours yours.

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