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Tenant Spotlight: Ericka James

by | Sep 3, 2020 | All, Tenant Spotlight

Ericka James is the CEO of The Convergence Center LLC, a leading training and consulting firm; founder of The Alliance a training and development organization for businesswomen; founder of The Kingdom Minister’s Association, a training and development organization for marketplace ministers; and a proud Office Ours member since 2017 at our Professional Court location.

Ericka’s foundational message and life goal is to help others achieve their maximum potential while staying true to their core beliefs. Through her companies and missions, she has found a balance and a synergy between her ministry and business pursuits.

When Ericka was just 12, she discovered exactly what she wanted to do; she had a desire to run a successful business. She had great role models. Her parents were both entrepreneurs and she had a front row seat to watching them build successful companies and give back to their community. This left an impression on young Ericka and she was inspired to follow a similar path.

At 17, circumstances at the church Erika attended nearly interrupted her dreams of entrepreneurship. Leadership at her church was falling short and not meeting the expectations of its congregants. Concerned, members of the congregation reached out to Erika and asked her to assist in the ministry. She obliged but serving her church while also pursuing her business interests became very challenging. The time and energy demands were daunting. That is, until she did what all successful entrepreneurs do; she evaluated her new circumstances, considered her options and found a solution. Ultimately, Erika was able to integrate her two interests—faith and entrepreneurship—and the rest, as they say, is history.

Her advice for anyone looking to break into a new field or try something new and remarkable is to embrace the uncomfortable tasks. To have different, you must do things differently, and that is often uncomfortable. Being willing to step outside your comfort zone is the key to maximizing you potential and becoming who you truly want to be. It may not be easy, but it is worth it! These empowering messages have helped Ericka grow her businesses into successful brands that help whole communities of businesswomen, Christians, and entrepreneurs achieve goals they thought were possible.

Ericka appreciates  what Office Ours offers her businesses. The offices spaces, amenities and services all help to project her professionalism and facilitate efficiencies. For small meetings Erika is able to schedule the conference room across from her office at the Professional Court location. For larger meetings, she uses the Midtown conference room, which holds up to 34 people. It’s a convenient place for her to hold events and meetings.

Before, Erika had to seek out and rent out separate spaces specifically for her meetings, which was time-consuming and expensive. Now, with her monthly credits—which are included with her rent—she can easily check availability and book the conference rooms through our online member portal. The onsite printing services have also been a game changer for Ericka; it saves her time and endless trips to the local copy center. The upgraded and secure internet services at the Office Ours locations, provide a stable and secure internet connection and ensure reliable online performance in face-to-face or virtual meetings.

To learn more about Ericka James and her businesses and missions, visit: https://erickajackson.com/.

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