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Businesses Big and Small Use Virtual Offices

by | Oct 11, 2021 | All, Entrepreneurship

A virtual office is a tool that any size business at any growth stage can use to accomplish different goals. Many businesses, large and small, have found that choosing a virtual office over a home address or P.O. Box is more professional with an actual commercial location and is more cost-effective than a physical office space. From startups to established companies looking to expand, virtual offices are beneficial to a wide range of businesses.

Here is a list of the stages of businesses that benefit from having virtual offices. 

Freelancers, consultants, solopreneurs, and the self-employed:

For most single-person companies, working from home is one of the biggest perks. But how do you gain the credibility and professionalism of having an office without the expense? Potential clients will see your business as more credible if your address is a commercial building. Holding meetings in executive conference rooms will also raise your credibility. Local or toll-free numbers to an auto-attendant will also make your company appear like a large consultancy.


For startups, virtual offices are just a stepping stone to world domination. You might be a one or two-person team today, but you intend on growing the team in the future. A virtual office can help you with providing the savings you need today but also has the upgrade path to right-size your facility needs as you grow. You can start with a virtual office and grow into a single office suite tomorrow. Soon after that, you may have multiple office suites. Eventually, you’ll need a whole top floor in a downtown highrise. Until then, a virtual office with access to conference rooms for interviews for your new employees is your place to start. 

An established company entering new markets:

You have an established company that provides services in another part of North Carolina, the USA, or even another part of the world. The strategic direction of your company now is to set up shop in the Triangle region. Before signing up for an expensive office in Wake County that comes with a long-term lease, you will want to test the waters. A virtual office gives you the mailing address and meeting space. Then as your success grows, you can rent a few office suites. Only after you’ve fully established your business in the new region do you go and make a long-term, expensive commitment.

These are just a few examples of businesses of every size benefiting from having virtual offices. A virtual office has something to offer all types of business, whether you are just starting, growing by the day, or already established worldwide. Did your notice your business or industry listed above? It is time to consider how a virtual office might benefit you and your business. 


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