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Business Continuity

by | Aug 11, 2020 | All, Entrepreneurship

Your small business is your lifeblood. It gets you up in the morning, it is what motivates you to make a difference in the community and to provide for your family.

You have a business you love and a nice office you enjoy going to everyday. One night you turn off the lights at the end of the day to go home for a pleasant evening with friends and family. The next morning when you arrive at your office with enthusiasm and optimism only to open the door to a nightmare. Your entire office is flooded because a pipe in the wall burst overnight. You call the property manager frantically, the property manager then calls plumber, the restoration company, their maintenance supervisor, you both call your insurance company, and everyone except the national guard is at your office helping. Your office now looks like a war zone and you are not sure how long it will take for all the repairs that need to be completed. The anxiety starts to set in because you know you have important client meetings scheduled for tomorrow, and where are your employees going to work in the meantime?

Let Office Ours be a part of your team ensuring your business doesn’t skip a beat. Office Ours has an option for month-to-month leases as long as move out notices are given 60 days in advance. For a small fee, we can rush the assembly of our modular furniture to fit your needs. Our IT Infrastructure team can help you set up a connection to your IT systems and build your own private LAN so that you can enjoy the privacy and security of your old office. Our phone system allows you to connect with clients and your team. Our copy center is there for you to be able to print the contract for your client meeting tomorrow. Which works out in your favor because you can book a professional conference room at any one of our locations for any of your meetings. To summarize; you can sign a lease electronically, we hand you the keys to your office, and you and your team are back to work.

When the time comes and the restoration and reconstruction of your old office is complete we will be sad to see you go, but we will also be proud of the role we played in helping you and your clientele seamlessly make it through this unpredictable circumstance without skipping a beat.

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