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So, you decide to go with a standard commercial building. Good for you.  You sign a long term lease with more space than you need. Who knows? You might grow into the space five years from now, right? How come your heart is beating so fast and your sweating so much these days?

Still, you get the keys, you bring in the painters and the carpet people. Maybe you setup the IT network yourself. That always turns out great. Unfortunately, you have to put business prospecting on hold for now. But don’t worry. You found the perfect HVAC company.  A great beginning.

The days start to run together. You clean a few toilets. You call in a plumber to fix the leaking toilet. You miss calls from your most important client because you were cleaning the toilets. On the bright side, you found some used office furniture that you got for a song and you were able to hire some movers on Craigslist and they hardly broke anything. Thank goodness.

Now, it’s time. You put down deposits to turn on the utilities. Which only happens after one too many phone calls while being put on hold two too many times.  Finally, three months later, you’re ready to focus on your business again. The biggest question is, will you still have one?

With Office Ours, you sign a flexible lease, we hand you the keys, you sit down and, you get right to work. Leave the rest to us.

As an Office Ours member, our facilities management services include:

Mail Services

We aren’t the only ones who deliver.  You’ll have your own mailbox where your mail is delivered. Thank you, Mr. Postman.

Maintenance Staff

Unlike a standard lease, we take care of all the building maintenance. Timely and professional, we will get maintenance requests completed so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Furnished offices

All office suites include custom furniture configurations or you can bring your own. Choose from a list of our multiple desk options, including guest chairs, storage options, and sofas.

The Lights are On

All your utilities are already turned on and included in your membership, no large deposits necessary. Electric, water, and HVAC is already setup for you.

24/7 access

Working late? All Office ours facilities are open 24/7 giving you the flexibility you need to get your work done and to get ahead. 

janitorial service

Your janitorial services include the bathrooms, the conference rooms, the lobby, and trash disposal. The floors are vacuumed and the kitchen is cleaned up. We’re committed to keeping it clean.

Guest Lobby

Have your clients wait in our front lobbies, giving them access to guest Wi-Fi, magazines, and kitchen facilities. 

Landscaping Crew

All exteriors are taken care of. Our landscaping crew keeps things looking fresh so you don’t have to.

Professional Signage

The name of your company on your office suite door or workstation wall, you got it.  You can even have your company name listed on the sign outside the building*. No permit hassles required.

Multiple locations

Signing up for one of our office products gives your access to all office ours locations across our network. We now have locations across Wake County with plans to expand further.

Free on-site parking

All Office locations include free on-site parking and easy access to the building.

Kitchen / Break Room

Our vending machines are full, the coffee machine is ready, and the kitchen is kept tidy.

A Place to Meet

Your conference room is already setup. Big screen TV, whiteboard, markers, wireless presentation, and access to all locations.

Rightsizing Your Office

Times are good and you need a bigger office or more offices; no problem. Time to downsize? You can do that too, we’re easy that way.

Additional Services available

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