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Got Safety?

by | Sep 25, 2020 | All, Our Mission

Amid the ongoing pandemic, addressing safety standards within a coworking environment is at the forefront of concerns to businesses across the nation. Traditional large coworking spaces are having to make dramatic changes to their model. Even with these changes, it can be difficult to maintain proper social-distancing and safety standards. Many businesses are reevaluating their workspaces and seeing the need for more private work environments.

According to the LA Times, it is going to be exceedingly difficult for large coworking office brands to overcome the lost revenue associated with the COVID. Even before the virus, larger companies were having a tough time moving new members in. What can we expect from the future of the coworking and office world?

That’s where we come in.

The Future of Coworking and Office Space

Whatever your business, our office products are designed to ensure the safety and security of you, your staff, and your clients. Our private office suites provide physical barriers between the individuals in each office, which is superior to mandated social distancing rules. Regardless of the size of your team, we accommodate your safety needs. Additionally, each of our locations assure proper privacy and distancing standards and our buildings are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Do you prefer to working from home? Our virtual offices are a wonderful option, giving you a professional address, access to our phone systems, conference rooms, copy center and a mailbox. The days of having to share a desk in close proximity to people are over. The future of coworking is private spaces, proper distancing, and office products that give you the most return on your investment. Our ever-growing list of amenities and features of our office products can accommodate a large range of industries and we are always looking for new ways to accommodate your needs and to help you succeed.

Our mission is to adapt and overcome the challenges facing small businesses. We strive to envision what the future of office space looks like… one year, five years, and even ten years down the road. With the constant evolution of technology, new trends in working from home, and the need for affordable and professional office space, we strive to provide companies everything they need to run a successful operation.

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