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Say NO to Long-term Contracts

by | Nov 8, 2019 | All, Our Mission

At the conception of Office Ours, one of our very first tenants was a real estate company that was considering downsizing their office space. Unfortunately for them, this moving process was very difficult for their company. Not only were they stuck in a long-term commercial lease, the time commitment of moving offices was hindering their ability to conduct business as usual. Long-term leases are nearly impossible to break, therefore subleasing their space seemed to be the only and best option for them. After a few months of marketing the space, they found a tenant to take over the remainder of their lease only after losing valuable time and diverting their attention away from selling homes.

We have another tenant, a non-profit, that was locked into a long term lease for a printer. When she moved into Office Ours, she had to continue payments on the printer until the lease term was completed and had to get it hauled into her new office. Lastly, almost every tenant with an existing business or non-profit that has moved in with us from another office location, they’ve made a significant investment in furniture. When they add employees they have to buy more. When they shrink they have to deal with selling it. When they move… well, they have to pay someone to move it all.

This is money and time being diverted from their mission.

At office ours we have noticed that all of these situations involve organizations having to commit time and money to products and services that either they might not need tomorrow, or their growth might be prevented because they don’t have enough. We take all the risk. We make all the long-term commitments. We make all of the upfront investments, so you don’t have to. The value we add is to make all the long-term commitments so we can turn around and give you an environment with the option of a minimal commitment, termination with just 60 days’ notice. You can add space, furniture, services as you grow with little notice. You can remove space and services when you shrink… just before you grow again. If you want to move your main office to another city, like from Raleigh to Cary for example, we can accommodate that too.

Our business is giving you back the time and money to focus your business.

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