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We pay commissions to real estate brokers


Do you receive calls from clients that have tremendous potential but they just aren’t quite ready for a standard commercial lease? Your clients are safe with us. When you place a client with us, you can watch them incubate, grow, and thrive. Our office products and amenities are specifically designed to give your clients the greatest chance of success, by giving them the foundational resources that businesses require to grow. We look forward to the day that a member has grown so big that it makes financial sense for them to “graduate” to a larger space… so we can make room for the next small business that is ready to grow.

Our commission structure pays one month’s rent to brokers, once your client has been in their office and paid one full month of rent. Since our leases are shorter term, most being month-to-month, our sales cycle is quick and easy for you and your clients. In order to become a part of the Office Ours broker referral program, please make sure you are registered with us. You can fill out a form on our Contact Us page to become a registered agent and start receiving commissions. 

Below are a list of benefits both you and your client will gain from becoming part of the Office Ours community.

Benefits for Brokers

Short Sales Cycle

We are able to get your clients in spaces quickly and efficiently, allowing you to be paid quicker and your clients to start working sooner. 


After your client signs the lease and pays one full months rent, you will be paid a one-time commission equal to their monthly rent rate. 


Your clients will be here when they are ready to graduate, giving you a consistent pipeline for the future and knowing they are safe with us.

How your clients benefit

Top notch office products

Our office products provide your clients everything a business needs to get right to work.

A growing list of services and amenities

No need to worry about the expensive and time-consuming process to setup services and amenities. All of that is already taken care of. 


The cost per copy is cheaper than a brand name copy center. Hands down. You may even find it less expensive than buying, setting up and supporting a printer of your own. Paper and ink alone ain’t cheap.


Our office suites come fully setup by move-in including furniture, utilities, internet access, and much more. Your clients can sit down and get right to work.


Give your clients the professionalism they require by getting them set up with a professional office address, in-house marketing opportunities, and giving them time to focus on expanding their business, not setting up their office.


short term leases

Our short term leases give your clients the opportunity to rightsize their office products to their specific needs, making the most out of their time and money.